Agilitech is a pioneering partner to the biotech industry. The company helps to drive progress by designing and implementing state-of-the-art equipment and bioprocessing systems for biotech research labs through to full-scale production, along with game-changing bioprocess engineering and automation services. In a fast-moving industry that is constantly evolving, Agilitech has the flexibility and experience to … Continued

Asahi Kasei Bioprocess

Asahi Kasei Bioprocess America (AKBA) is devoted to solving therapeutic product safety, efficiency and purity challenges within the pharmaceutical and bioprocessing industries. With technology platforms for virus filtration, chromatography, inline buffer formulation and oligonucleotide synthesis, our bioprocessing systems, columns and automation solutions advance GMP manufacturing of critical drug substances around the world. By focusing our … Continued

JSR Life Sciences

JSR Life Sciences Division is the biotechnology-focused business unit of JSR Corporation. JLS provides specialized materials and products to the biotech industry. JLS operates a network of manufacturing facilities, sales offices and R&D labs in key markets throughout North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. JLS is focused on downstream bioprocessing materials for pharmaceutical manufacturing and diagnostics … Continued

Purolite Life Sciences

Founded in 1981, Purolite is a leading manufacturer of ion exchange media, polymeric adsorbents, catalysts and advanced polymers. Headquartered in Bala Cynwyd, PA., the company has manufacturing facilities in the USA, China, Romania and the UK, and operates dedicated R&D centers in the USA, China, Romania, Russia and the UK. Purolite has a network of … Continued

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