Are bag decisions somewhat custom, I mean depending on the sensitivity of the cell line, drug product, etc. do you have recommendations about the make up of the bags that should be used?


GE Healthcare offers a variety of standard single-use assemblies; in addition, users can request custom solutions (film, ports, tubing configurations) designed to meet the needs of their specific process.

Each bioprocess application presents unique requirements and challenges for bioprocess film. The film must be able to meet the critical to quality attributes required for optimal performance in a given bioprocess application. Over the past several years we have developed a good understanding of the film chemistry that affects cell growth, and we have taken substantial steps in both film design and film evaluation – through cell culture, chemical, and physical attributes testing. For example, the Bioclear™ 11 film used in WAVE Cellbag™ bioreactors has optimal flexural properties for the stresses imposed by the rocking motion and wave impact forces, and also has a low antioxidant profile for better compatibility with certain sensitive cell lines. Film selection requires consideration of how the design of the film influences the chemical, biological, and engineering performance characteristics. However, it is still good practice for a user to evaluate the suitability of a film with their specific cell lines and processes.

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