How has GE applied its expertise in film development?


A good example of this is GE’s most recent film innovation, Bioclear 11. It is a low-antioxidant film developed as a response to the need in the industry for improved cell growth performance with certain sensitive CHO cell lines. The film is used in Cellbag™ bioreactors and M*bag mixing chambers from GE Healthcare’s Life Sciences business. Bioclear 11 was purposefully designed to have all the physical and mechanical attributes essential for WAVE™ bioreactor applications. Through extensive testing, Bioclear 11 has been proven to meet all the same requirements as Bioclear 10 film, but consistently outperforms Bioclear 10 in its ability to support TBPP-sensitive CHO cells. The innovation of Bioclear 11 is an example of how intelligent design, strong relationships with customers and suppliers, as well as increased material controls can be combined to provide solutions for unmet industry needs.

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