We are a lab scaling up from benchtop glass bioreactors to disposable bags, but are still working at fairly small scale. What kind of film questions should we be asking as we make the transition?


Selecting a single-use assembly for an intended application requires consideration of a number of factors. For example, operating parameters such as temperature, humidity, working volume, and run time are key inputs. In addition, knowledge about the sensitivity of a particular system to the ingress of gases (O2 or CO2), loss of water, or shifts in pH must also be factored into the selection process. Evaluating these inputs in comparison to the performance attributes of a single-use assembly can help determine the suitability of the system for the specific application. Some of the key performance attributes of single-use assemblies include tensile properties, biocompatibility, gas barrier properties, extractables profile, puncture resistance, operating temperature range, chemical compatibility, and film clarity to name but a few. At GE Healthcare, we have advanced our scientific evaluation of films, combining the chemical and physical attribute testing with cell culture growth performance. Our systems have been implemented into many cell culture and fermentation processes. In addition, we partner with customers to understand their applications to help us provide solutions for their performance demands.

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