What if you are not using Roche enzymes, can you still use these kits?


The Residual Protein Liberase Kit was designed to detect the constituents of Liberase Blends containing Collagenase I, Collagenase II, and Thermolysin, specifically the formulations found in the following Liberase Blends available from Roche: Liberase MNP-S, Liberase MNP-S GMP Grade, and Liberase MTF C/T GMP Grade.

The Residual Protein Trypsin Kit was designed to detect Trypsin, recombinant from porcine pancreas, expressed in Pichia pastoris, available from Roche.

The polyclonal antibodies in these ELISA kits detect a multitude of epitopes, so they may detect similar enzymes from other suppliers, but may show a different reactivity with regard to sensitivity and accuracy. Therefore, the compatibility of the kit calibration with other enzyme products must be verified. Roche can provide samples for evaluation in these situations. Also, please note that the Residual Protein Trypsin Kit is not suitable for measurement of non-porcine trypsin.

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