Brandy Sargent

As the editor and frequent author of The Cell Culture Dish, I strive to introduce topics that are interesting, thought-provoking, and possible starting points for discussion by the community. I have worked in the biotechnology industry for over ten years, first in corporate communications and public relations, then in technical sales and marketing, and most recently as a consultant. I was fascinated by the different applications of biotechnology when I first started working in the industry and continue to be fascinated as my experience and exposure has grown. I hope that I can share my enthusiasm with blog readers and invite you to share your expertise and experience so the community can thrive and these important applications of cell culture can deliver on their promise for biomedicine and human health.

Company: The Cell Culture Dish

Job Title: Editor in Chief

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Evolving Beyond the Status Quo with Next Generation Buffer Prep Solutions

In this podcast, we spoke with Chris Rombach, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Asahi Kasei Bioprocess America about buffer prep and delivery systems. We discussed current pain points and how next generation buffer prep solutions can greatly improve upon the status quo, including increasing the use of automation and remote operation, while reducing the overall footprint, labor and cost associated with more traditional approaches. ...Continued

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