How does your film interact with lipids, is there a film recommendation related to lipids?


The interactions between lipids and plastic film depend on the chemical structure of the lipids as well as the materials of construction of the film. If the polymers that make up the film are more hydrophobic in nature, the propensity for lipid adsorption / absorption is higher. It is also important to consider the physicochemical properties of the solution formulation (i.e. polarity, ionic strength, surfactant content etc.) in order to determine if the solution or the plastic film will provide a more favorable environment for the lipids to reside. Lipids are common in cell culture processes and the vast majority of them do not seem to have an issue related to lipid depletion when run in single-use systems. We therefore conclude that there is no systemic issue. That being said, on rare occasions, some users may have had to optimize media formulations in order to counterbalance potential negative effects from lipid depletion. GE Healthcare has the capability to test and optimize your cell culture media and processes on a custom request.

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