What film selection advice do you have for vaccine manufacturing and specifically virus production?


Standard principles related to understanding, managing, and mitigating risk apply to vaccine manufacturing. One might for example contend that virus adsorption to a plastic surface present a risk to be addressed. It might therefore be appropriate to ask the supplier if they have any information to confirm the issue or mitigate the concern as it relates to their specific products. It might also be appropriate to assess the issue experimentally, to move from a supplier’s claims related to general applicability of a product in the industry, and to a process-specific qualification of a given piece of equipment. Single-use technologies, (i.e. Xcellerex™ XDR bioreactors, Cellbag™ bioreactors, and liquid handling systems), have been implemented in various applications including vaccine manufacturing. Please contact your GE representative to discuss existing options and any concerns you have regarding different technologies or biosafety levels.

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