KANEKA KanCapA 3G for Improved Binding and Milder Elution of Therapeutic Antibodies

New KANEKA KanCapA™ 3G for Improved Binding and Milder Elution of Therapeutic Antibodies

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lynx cdr connectors

Lynx® CDR Connectors to Improve Sterile Fluid Transfer in Biomanufacturing

A vital part of the biomanufacturing process is being able to move fluid under sterile conditions using sterile connections. However,…

Scout High Throughput Purification

SCOUT® technology reduces time to market and increases chance of success for biopharmaceutical products

Introduction Only 1 out of each 50 biopharmaceutical new product candidates makes it through the research phase into clinical trial…

Cadence Single Pass TFF Provides

Cadence Single Pass TFF Provides in-line Concentration, Enables Continuous process

Background The concentration of biological drug substances may be necessary at various stages in the drug manufacturing process. Examples include…

Aramus Single Use Bag Assembly

Aramus Single Use Bag Assembly – Provides Advantages over Existing Storage and Transportation of Intermediate and Drug Substance

Safe and efficient transportation of drug substance from one location to another requires considerable time and resources. With the rise…

Dr. Adam Elhofy, Ph.D., CSO

Cell Culture Media Optimization – It’s about more than just high protein titer

In this podcast, we interviewed Dr. Adam Elhofy, Ph.D., CSO, Essential Pharmaceuticals, about cell culture media optimization. We discussed the…

Clarification using Acoustic Wave Separation offers Advantages including -Continuous Process Solution

Background The harvest and clarification of cell culture bioprocess fluids removes cells and cell debris and provides clarified cell culture…

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